Zhenxing Lu

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Direct signal and surface clutter cancellation is an important problem in bistatic noise radar. LMS filter is employed to suppress the direct signal and clutter in this work. Direct signal and clutter cancellation ratio (DCR) is used to evaluate the performance of suppression. The impact of two factors, SNR of reference signal and fractional delay of(More)
Radar signal sorting is an important part of radar electronic countermeasure. The measurement, analysis, target recognition and signal tracking of the signal parameters can be performed only after sorting the radar pulse signals from the random overlapping signal strings. This paper's research is based on the application of radar signal sorting in passive(More)
Source number estimation for minimum redundancy arrays (MRAs) is considered in this paper. When the manifold ambiguity is present, the dimension of signal subspace of conventional covariance matrix will be reduced. Therefore Akaike's information criterion (AIC) and minimum description length (MDL) approaches based on the conventional covariance matrix can(More)
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