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We propose a new no-reference image quality assessment model nPSNR (No-reference PSNR) for JPEG compressed images. The model performs in DCT domain and the DCT coefficient distribution is used. This method estimates the MSQE (mean-squared quantization error) of a decoded image with the distributions of AC coefficients and DC coefficients of the encoded(More)
Currently, some dynamic tracking controllers have been proposed for nonholonomic mobile robots with the unknown visual parameters and has been proved to stabilize the closed loop systems in theory. However, there is lack of the relevant experiment verification except for several simulations. In this paper, we proposed a novel visual servoing feedback(More)
Currently, the lack of standardization of abbreviation for the same organization name gives rise to the omission in the various kinds of major industrys' anti-money laundering and anti-fraud blacklist filter system. In view of this, a method of Chinese organization name abbreviation recognition based on similarity is proposed, which calculates the(More)
In this paper, we consider distributed consensus of linear discrete-time agents whose states are transmitted through logarithmic quantizer. A distributed consensus protocol is proposed based on the states and outputs of encoders and decoders. Even though every single agent's system is stabilized, the consensus of whole multi-agent system may still not be(More)
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