Zhenxing Ji

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The chitosan/silver microspheres (CAgMs), which possess effective inhibitory on microorganisms, were prepared by an inverse-emulsification cross-linking method using CS/Ag sol as dispersed phase, whiteruss as continuous phase, and glutaraldehyde as crosslinking agent. The size and shape of CAgMs, greatly affecting their antibacterial activities, were(More)
The cloud environment is a heterogeneous, dynamic and complex environment. The characteristic of Ant Colony Optimization (ACO), such as robustness and self adaptability, can just match the cloud environment. ACO is an algorithm that imitates the ants foraging, and it has a good application in the problems that want to find the optimal solution. The task(More)
Software Defined Networks (SDN), the separation of a network device’s control and data planes, do not need to rely on the underlying network equipment (routers, switches, firewall).It is a new network which collaborated IP and a lot of relevant technical content. The control of SDN is completely open, the user can customize any rule strategy to achieve(More)
In 802.11ac protocol, MU-MIMO technical is widely used for its excellent performance. In order to effectively save channel resources and decrease power consumption of the entire network, an Energy efficiency channel binding mechanism is proposed. The mechanism uses channel binding technology, binding two or more channels together, used to transmit the same(More)
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