Zhenxian Liang

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This paper presents a double-sided liquid cooling scheme for power MOSFETs using embedded power packaging technology. A liquid module test bed has been built to create various convection conditions and is used with 600-V high-current MOSFET-based embedded power samples to test the effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed scheme. Compared with(More)
This work presents a simple experimental method to obtain accurate characterization of double-sided cooling in single embedded power chip modules (EPCM), based on a simple experimental method using temperature cooling-down curve measurement. A one-dimensional thermal network is employed to describe the thermal characterizations of all layers and(More)
A novel packaging structure for medium power modules featuring power semiconductor switches sandwiched between two symmetric substrates that fulfill electrical conduction and insulation functions is presented. The power switches in a popular phase leg electrical topology are orientated in a face up/face down configuration. Large bonding areas between dies(More)
A process module, incorporating embedding of multiple power semiconductor chips in a flat ceramic frame and planar metallization interconnect technologies, has been developed to fabricate active power chip scale packages (CSP), multichip modules (MCMs), and integrated power electronics modules (IPEMs). This integrated chips technology features structure(More)
The sum of chemical and mechanical bonding limits the adhesive strength of die-attach and substrate-attach layers. This is also true for sintered silver joints whose development and employment are underway in the electronic packaging community. Chemical bonding is dictated by numerous parameters associated with the compatibility of the metallurgical bond of(More)
With the growing demands on the performance, cost, and the advances in packaging and interconnection technology, three-dimensional (3D) packaging provides higher density packaging and reduced electrical parasitic losses. On the other hand, thermal management of the 3D package and the influence of thermomechanical effects on the module reliability become(More)
A set of packaging technologies has been developed for promotion of SiC power devices in automotive applications. The technical advances include integrating single side cooling, three-dimensional (3-D) planar electrical interconnection, and integrated double sided direct cooling. The further integration of these features into one packaging process has been(More)
A low profile power inductor fabricated using low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) technology has been demonstrated to improve the light load efficiency of a converter, without the use of additional control circuitry. This is brought about by means of a distributed air gap design, which causes a change in inductance with load current. Variation in(More)
1)Power electronics packaging is critical to exploit the superior attributes of the wide bandgap (WBG) power semiconductor devices; 2)Highly comprehensive system requirements need advancements on all aspects of packaging technology: electrical, thermal, thermo.mechanical performance; 3)Integration of thermal management, high temperature, high reliability(More)