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The occurrence and development of artificial vegetation after mobile sandy dunes being fixed by adopting straw check combining with seeding Caragana microphylla were studied. Especially the process of species invasion and the changes of community structure in 35 years were analyzed in detail. The results showed that the species richness of artificial(More)
Grazing control has been reported to be effective for the control of desertification in semi-arid regions. However, economic reasons often make complete inhibition of grazing (complete exclosure) difficult to carry out. Grazing control has been applied to the Kerqin Sandy Lands, Inner Mongolia, China, by means of seasonal exclosure, whereby grazing is(More)
In this paper, the study on desertification and its restoration of the Keerqin sandy land was briefly reviewed. With reference to the trends in related scientific fields and pressing demand in restoring existing desertified lands, several key aspects, including vegetation processes, eco-hydrological processes, landscape processes, and assessment of regional(More)
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