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In this paper, we propose a new multiple-level power allocation strategy for the secondary user (SU) in cognitive radio (CR) networks. Different from the conventional strategies, where SU either stays silent or transmit with a constant/binary power depending on the busy/idle status of the primary user (PU), the proposed strategy allows SU to choose(More)
With the development of the techniques of Event Detection and Tracking, it is feasible to gather text information from many sources and structure it into events which are constructed online automatically and updated temporally. There are always diversified versions to describe an event and users usually are eager to know all the versions. With the huge(More)
We have examined the effect of adenoviruses expressing soluble transforming growth factor receptorII-Fc (sTGFβRIIFc) in a 4T1 mouse mammary tumor bone metastasis model using syngeneic BALB/c mice. Infection of 4T1 cells with a non-replicating adenovirus, Ad(E1-).sTβRFc, or with two oncolytic adenoviruses, Ad.sTβRFc and TAd.sTβRFc, expressing sTGFβRIIFc (the(More)
Human gait is a complex interaction of many nonlinear systems and stride intervals exhibiting self-similarity over long time scales that can be modeled as a fractal process. The scaling exponent represents the fractal degree and can be interpreted as a "biomarker" of relative diseases. The previous study showed that the average wavelet method provides the(More)
This paper mainly takes the difference between Chinese and English speech signals in linguistics as a guide. Then, it processes and analyzes these speech signals. Finally, it compares the characteristics of these two kinds of speech signals. This thesis adopts short-time energy based scheme to detect voice activity adaptively and then calculate the(More)
Acquiring swallowing accelerometry signals using a comprehensive sensing scheme may be a desirable approach for monitoring swallowing safety for longer periods of time. However, it needs to be insured that signal characteristics can be recovered accurately from compressed samples. In this paper, we considered this issue by examining the effects of the(More)
With the rapid development of Internet technology and the explosive growth of data, the storage system designed by tightly coupled hardware and software is limiting the development of storage technology severely, and unable to meet the fast changing needs in the mobile Internet and exploding big data era. Software Defined Storage (SDS) as a new storage(More)