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Ad dress for Cor res pon den ce/Ya z›fl m a Ad re si: Wei WANG, DSc, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Gsm: +57188208188 E-mail: drwang@doctor.com or wangmufan@msn.com Re cei ved/ G e liş ta ri h i: 30.12.2010 Ac cep ted/ K a bul ta ri h i: 19.07.2011 © Arc hi ves of Neu ropsy(More)
In the new century, the market economy of our country develops constantly, and the demand for electricity increases. At present, the power generation method in China is still the traditional thermal power generation, but the coal resources has serious shortage and dried up, and other ways of generating will cause serious pollution to the environment, and(More)
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