Zhensong Zhang

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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t In order to query and retrieve the rich and useful information hidden in the Deep Web efficiently, extensive research on domain-specific Deep Web Data Integration Systems (DWDIS) has been carried out in recent years. In DWDIS, large-scale automatic integration of query interfaces of domain-specific Web Databases (WDBs)(More)
In multi-touch interactive systems, it is of great significance to distinguish which hand of the user is touching the surface in real time. Left-right hand distinction is essential for recognizing the multi-finger gestures and further fully exploring the potential of bimanual interaction. However, left-right hand distinction is beyond the capability of most(More)
Information usually can be abstracted as a character sequence over a finite alphabet. With the advent of the era of big data, the increasing length and size of the sequences from various application fields (e.g., biological sequences) result in the classical NP-hard problem, searching for the Multiple Longest Common Subsequences of multiple sequences (i.e.,(More)
Network selection plays an important role in load balancing and radio resources management. In this paper, we use the evolutionary game theory to address the network selection problem in the constrained heterogeneous networks. An indication function is introduced into the payoff function to represent the punishment term. The population dynamics can be(More)
In this paper, we introduce a Multi-Carrier Code-Division Multiple Access(MC-CDMA) system, which has two sets of orthogonal spreading sequences and use iterative detection. The number of the users it can accommodate is greater than the spreading factor N. Each of the available orthogonal spreading sequences of length N is assigned to one of the first N(More)
Stitching videos captured by handheld devices is very useful, but also very challenging due to the heavy and independent shakiness in the videos. In this paper, we propose a hand-taken video stitching method which combines the techniques of video stitching and stabilization together into a unified optimization framework. In this way, our method can compute(More)
Image-based rendering (IBR) can render novel views from several existing photographs of the same scene. Current IBR methods can be roughly classified into reconstruction-based methods and warping-based methods. Warping-based methods [Liu et al. 2009; Chaurasia et al. 2011] directly warped the triangle mesh overlaid on the source image to make the source(More)
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