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We present a three-dimensional ͑3-D͒ hyperspectral image compression algorithm based on zero-block coding and wavelet transforms. An efficient asymmetric 3-D wavelet transform ͑AT͒ based on the lifting technique and packet transform is used to reduce redundancies in both the spectral and spatial dimensions. The implementation via 3-D integer lifting scheme(More)
We report here a backscattering model of average signal power function (SPF) for laser radar 3D range imagery obtained by arrays of detectors for arbitrary coarse targets. The model relates the average power seen by the receiver with laser pulse, target shape, optical scattering properties of surface material, incidence angle and other factors. The optical(More)
Scattering characteristic of complex targets from sky and ground background radiance plays an important role in engineering fields. Firstly, a 5-parameter BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distributional Function) model is introduced. Then MODTRAN is used to calculate the background radiance in infrared spectrum of 3-5 um and 8-12um bands. Considering the(More)
Multi-band Doppler spectrum of radar clutter at there-dimensional sea surface is calculated in this paper, the Elfouhaily sea spectrum with a direction function is applied to achieving the scattering fields is a classic PO method. Analysis on the spectrum width and shift of multi-band can be done. Larger spectrum width and shift have been seen in larger(More)
Based on the Planck's law and integrality the directional hemisphere reflectivity (DHR) and the Kirchhoffs law. And referred to the Torrance-Sparrow model and the five-parameter semi-empirical model, a new Bidirectional reflection distribution function model (BRDF) is developed in different temperature of material surface, this model will be applicable for(More)
The fourth-order moment of the scattered light, namely, the correlation function of the scattered intensity fluctuation from two-dimensional optically weak homogeneous and isotropic rough surfaces obeying Gaussian distribution are investigated based on Beckmann theory and Gaussian moment theorem. Analytical and numerical results are given for the(More)
The 3-D target information can be obtained directly by the analysis of the 1-D data of the pulse laser range profile (LRP). In this paper, a new calculational method to generate and process the LRP which is based on the lidar equation is established. The LRPs of different targets are simulated by the new method, and the corresponding profile information is(More)
The composite scattering from the conducting targets above and below the dielectric rough surface using the extended Propagation-Inside-Layer Expansion (EPILE) combined with the Forward-Backward method (FBM) is studied. The established integral equations are approved by comparing with the related theory. The accuracy and efficiency of the EPILE + FBM are(More)