Zhenrong Deng

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Computational thinking is taken for the fundamental skills for everyone, not just computer scientist, to learn and use. It remains to be explored in many aspects how to understand the essence of computational thinking and how cultivate the computational thinking ability of students. In the view of course teaching of computer science, this paper discusses(More)
The essence of computational thinking is thinking about data and ideas, and using and combining these resources to solve problems. The internal requirement of the programming courses is to cultivate the student's the ability to use programming language for problem analysis and problem solving. According to the characteristics of the courses themselves, this(More)
A method for surface reconstruction from scattered point cloud based on the combination of RBF and POU is proposed. First, point cloud is decomposed into a set of slightly overlapping subdomains in the form of binary tree. Next, local reconstruction functions are evaluated by using radial basis functions in each subdomain. Then, the global reconstruction(More)
To further improve the urban and rural medical assistance system and make it much more convenient in the emergent case, we designed and developed a real-time medical assistance billing system for Linchuan county civil affairs bureau. This system consists of two medical assistance models, one of which is real-time assistance model that realizes a(More)
An Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm is proposed to improve grid resource scheduling, for the performance of grid scheduling affects the applications of grid platform directly. According to the updating rule of local and global pheromone, ACO achieves load balance by incorporating resource-oriented trust mechanism. The evaluation criterion of system(More)
Software talents should have the engineering ability, a common sense in IT industry, which is characterized by the fact that design plays a very important role in software engineering. Basis on the enhancement of computational thinking, the reform ideas of the development of the student's engineering ability are introduced. The detailed approaches include:(More)