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Computational thinking is taken for the fundamental skills for everyone, not just computer scientist, to learn and use. It remains to be explored in many aspects how to understand the essence of computational thinking and how cultivate the computational thinking ability of students. In the view of course teaching of computer science, this paper discusses(More)
The essence of computational thinking is thinking about data and ideas, and using and combining these resources to solve problems. The internal requirement of the programming courses is to cultivate the student's the ability to use programming language for problem analysis and problem solving. According to the characteristics of the courses themselves, this(More)
The difficulties of e-commerce protocol security are mainly reflected in two aspects: First, the industry has not yet come to a uniform conclusion for the requirements of the security properties of e-commerce, while new properties are continually proposed and updated. The second is the difficulty of the protocol design and verification. This paper makes a(More)
Advance of charge at the end of conversation (AOCE) is a promising value-added service of telecommunication industry for the upgrading of telecommunication network to Session Initiation Protocol SIP-based softswitch network. However, there is not a complete AOCE solution available for softswitch network. On the basis of softswith billing, the implementation(More)
The lack of developing platforms and the incompatibilities of protocols result in difficulties in rapidly developing P2P applications, and JXTA proposed by SUN corporation is an opensource platform to solve these problems, but it still needs to be improved. The characteristics between JXTA and mobile agent are analyzed in this paper. A novel JXTA(More)
A method for surface reconstruction from scattered point cloud based on the combination of RBF and POU is proposed. First, point cloud is decomposed into a set of slightly overlapping subdomains in the form of binary tree. Next, local reconstruction functions are evaluated by using radial basis functions in each subdomain. Then, the global reconstruction(More)
This paper presents a controllable and adaptable computer virus detection model based on immune system, improves the immune mechanism of the model by introducing the thought of variable detector radius, and achieves the detector radius be set and adjusted automatically. The virus detection model has some effects on solving the conflict between the number of(More)