Zhenquan Zhuang

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HW-SW partitioning is an important problem in HW-SW Codesign of embedded systems. We establish a HW-SW partitioning model based on system’s Basic Scheduling Block (BSB) graph and propose a Modified Genetic Partitioning Algorithm (MGPA). By adopting an adaptive fitness function definition and a novel evolving strategy, we enhance the stability, efficiency(More)
A genetic algorithm based on the quantum probability representation (GAQPR) is proposed, in which each individual evolves independently; a new crossover operator is designed to integrate searching processes of multiple individuals into a more efficient global searching process; a new mutation operator is also proposed and analyzed. Optimization capability(More)
This paper presents an advanced motion threading technique for improved performance in 3D wavelet coding. First, we extend an original motion threading idea of ours to a liftingbased implementation. Methods for processing many-to-one pixel mapping and non-referred pixels and for enabling fractional-pixel alignment in motion threading are proposed to reduce(More)
This paper first proposes a novel multi-universe parallel quantum genetic algorithm (MPQGA). Then it puts forward a new blind source separation (BSS) method based on the combination of MPQGA and independent component analysis (ICA). The simulation result shows that the efficiency of the new BSS method is obviously higher than that of the conventional(More)
A motion compensated lifting (MCLIFT) framework is proposed for the 3D wavelet video coder. By using bi-directional motion compensation in each lifting step of the temporal direction, the video frames are effectively de-correlated. With proper entropy coding and bitstream packaging schemes, the MCLIFT wavelet video coder can be scalable in frame rate and(More)
In this paper, we presented an iris recognition algorithm based on modified Log-Gabor filters. The algorithm is similar as the method proposed by Daugman in general procedure while modified Log-Gabor filters are adopted to extract the iris phase information instead of complex Gabor filters used in Daugman’s method. The advantage of LogGabor filters over(More)
This paper proposes an advanced motion-threading technique to improve the coding efficiency of the 3D wavelet coding. We extend the original motion-threading technique to the lifting wavelet structure. This extension solves the artificial motion thread truncation problem in long support temporal wavelet filtering, and enables the accuracy of motion(More)