Zhenqing Ye

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Since their arrival in the Tibetan Plateau during the Neolithic Age, Tibetans have been well-adapted to extreme environmental conditions and possess genetic variation that reflect their living environment and migratory history. To investigate the origin of Tibetans and the genetic basis of adaptation in a rigorous environment, we genotyped 30 Tibetan(More)
Community structure is common in various real-world networks; methods or algorithms for detecting such communities in complex networks have attracted great attention in recent years. We introduced a different adaptive clustering algorithm capable of extracting modules from complex networks with considerable accuracy and robustness. In this approach, each(More)
Cleft lip with or without palate (CL/P) is a common congenital anomaly with a high birth prevalence in China. Based on a previous linkage signal of nonsyndromic CL/P (NSCL/P) on the chromosomal region 4q31-q32 from the Chinese populations, we screened the 4q31-q32 region for susceptibility genes in 214 trios of Han Chinese. PDGF-C, an important(More)
Localization of acoustic waves in a one-dimensional water duct containing many randomly distributed air filled blocks is studied. Both the Lyapunov exponent and its variance are computed. Their statistical properties are also explored extensively. The results reveal that in this system a single-parameter scaling is generally inadequate no matter whether the(More)
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