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For the mechanical properties of reinforced concrete under high temperature with large deterioration, the reliability of reinforced concrete beams have been largely discounted. The plastic zone resistance of concrete under high temperature has been considered in this paper. A simple and feasible time-variant model of the resistance of reinforced concrete(More)
The response of hypersonic boundary layer over a blunt wedge to freestream pulse acoustic disturbance was investigated. The stability characteristics of boundary layer for freestream pulse wave and continuous wave were analyzed comparatively. Results show that freestream pulse disturbance changes the thermal conductivity characteristics of boundary layer.(More)
By using a high-order accurate finite difference scheme, direct numerical simulation of hypersonic flow over an 8° half-wedge-angle blunt wedge under freestream single-frequency entropy disturbance is conducted; the generation and the temporal and spatial nonlinear evolution of boundary layer disturbance waves are investigated. Results show that, under the(More)
In order to discuss the material behavior of concrete subjected to fire, based on elastic-plastic theories, considering the variation of material properties with temperature, the general incremental thermo-elastic-plastic creep constitutive equation is derived in consideration of temperature and creep deformation. According to Drucker-Prager yield rules,(More)
The virtual displacement equation with visco- elasticity boundary condition is presented, the uniform mathematucal expression of visco-elasticity boundary condition is reached. The FEPG(Finite Element Program Generator) system has the capacity of generating finite element computation program directly from virtual displacement equation the paper gets the(More)
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