Zhenqian Xi

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This article explores, through experiments and finite element analysis, the ability to plastically deform thin-film semiconductor structures on deformable substrates to spherical cap shapes without cracking the semiconductor layers. The major challenge involves contending with the large strain due to extreme deformation that will crack uniform stiff layers,(More)
An optimized approach of CO2 fixation in Ca(2+)/Mg(2+)-rich aqueous solutions using insoluble amine as an enhancing medium was reported. Apparent basicity was verified to be an effective indicator for the selection and optimization of organic amine systems and finally the diisobutylamine + n-octanol system was selected to enhance the carbonation reactions(More)
We investigated the efficiency and kinetics of the degradation of soluble dyes over the pH range 5.0-9.0 using a method employing microwave radiation in combination with nanoscale zero-valent iron (MW-nZVI). The nZVI particles (40-70 nm in diameter) were prepared by a liquid-phase chemical reduction method employing starch as a dispersant. Compared to the(More)
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