Zhenqi Wang

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Composting is considered to be a primary treatment method for livestock manure and rice straw, and high degree of maturity is a prerequisite for safe land application of the composting products. In this study pilot-scale experiments were carried out to characterize the co-composting process of livestock manure with rice straw, as well as to establish a(More)
Land application of animal manure has been proven to be an efficient and convenient approach for animal manure treatment and resource recycling that has been encouraged in Shanghai suburbs in recent years. Based on livestock and poultry inventories, the available cropland base, and the application amounts of chemical fertilizer in each town of Shanghai, the(More)
Fridericia bulbosa (Rosa, 1887) was proposed as a new test species to assess soil ecotoxicity. The acute toxicity of mercury (Hg) and bromoxynil (BX) on the mortality of Fridericia bulbosa (F. bulbosa) in OECD soil was investigated. The results suggested there were statistically significant differences (p<0.05) between controls and treatments except lower(More)
Land application of animal manure has been accepted as an effective method and disposal option, which has economic, environmental and social benefits, while also sometimes exists questions about its impact on soil and water quality and crop yields. This paper presents a field-scale study in Chongming Island, Shanghai, China, where land application of(More)
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