Zhenpeng Liu

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At present, e-commerce and e-services system can provide trust information about services provider performance to the customers in the near future. Such information is an accumulation value by long-term evaluation of quality of service, but it does not reflect the Service's future trends. This paper presents an approach using a cubic fitting curve to(More)
The simple trust evaluation methods that result in a final trust level (FTL) value can't be able to evaluate service trust trend (STT). Furthermore, statistical trust values include some unfair and questionable trust values caused by subjective or objective factors. In response to these problems in trust management, an approach called two-way trust(More)
In this paper, an IPOMS (Internet Public Opinion Monitoring System) is proposed. This system can collect web pages with some certain key words from Internet news, topics on forum and BBS, and then cluster these web pages according to different ‘event’ groups. Furthermore, this system provides the function of automatically tracking the progress(More)
Current Web services architectures are confronted with a few stubborn problems, and the security problem becomes one of the bottlenecks that restrict the extensive application of Web service. After compared transport level with message level security, the limitation of transport level security became clearly. And then on the basis of the analysis message(More)
Trust is a critical issue in e-commerce and e-service applications. Usually, the value of trust is in a dynamic process of change. At present, most of studies and applications regarding trust are focus on methods that result in a single final trust level (FTL) value to represent the trust level of sellers or service providers. Such simple trust evaluation(More)
For peer-to-peer networks, searching is the basic function absolutely necessarily. But it is also a difficult problem with many challenges. In this paper, we bring forward a semantics-based P2P searching algorithm. It can make searching massage expressively. This algorithm advances the idea of super peer to obtain load balance. For the purpose of improving(More)
Traditional Internet public opinion hotspot tracking method is based on Text clustering, its text clustering speed and search result is not so good when handling massive webpage. The monitoring scale of Internet public opinion system is limited in the listed key words by the users, so that system cannot monitor the unknown emergency. According to the(More)
Background  Transorbital intracranial penetrating injury is rare. Damage caused by a huge metallic foreign body is very critical and life-threatening. Method  We report an extremely rare case of transorbital intracranial penetrating metal strip (a car windshield wiper), which has not previously been reported in the literature. Results  Emergency craniotomy(More)