Zhennan Qiu

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Ferredoxin (Fd) protein as unique electron acceptor, involved in a variety of fundamental metabolic and signaling processes, which is indispensable for plant growth. The molecular mechanisms of Fd such as regulation of electron partitioning, impact of photosynthetic rate and involvement in the carbon fixing remain elusive in rice. Here we reported a heading(More)
Grasses produce seeds on spikelets, a unique type of inflorescence. Despite the importance of grass crops for food, the genetic mechanisms that control spikelet development remain poorly understood. In this study, we used m34-z, a new mutant allele of the rice (Oryza sativa) E-class gene OsMADS34, to examine OsMADS34 function in determining the identities(More)
Real time quantitative PCR (qPCR) is widely used in gene expression analysis for its accuracy and sensitivity. Reference genes serving as endogenous controls are necessary for gene normalization. In order to select an appropriate reference gene to normalize gene expression in Casuarina equisetifolia under salt stress, 10 potential reference genes were(More)
Tillering and panicle branching are important agronomic traits that affect rice grain yield. In this study, we characterized the low tiller 1 (lt1) mutant, which was isolated from an ethyl methanesulfonate-treated population of the indica cultivar Shuhui 527. The lt1 mutant had fewer tillers, thicker culms, fewer panicle branches, abnormal spikelets and(More)
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