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PURPOSE Diffusion tensor imaging is widely used for studying neural fiber trajectories in white matter and for quantifying changes in tissue using diffusion properties at each voxel in the brain. To better model the nature of crossing fibers within complex architectures, rather than using a simplified tensor model that assumes only a single fiber direction(More)
Chinese Calligraphy is one traditional form of Chinese art and was listed in UNESCO’s World Culture Heritage in 2009. Traditional method to learn calligraphy is inconvenient as it needs paper, Chinese ink and brush. And learner’s especially for foreigners feel difficulty for stroke order of Chinese character is complex and even same character has different(More)
The demons algorithm is a popular algorithm for non-rigid image registration because of its computational efficiency and simple implementation. The deformation forces of the classic demons algorithm were derived from image gradients by considering the deformation to decrease the intensity dissimilarity between images. However, the methods using the(More)
The virtual electronic whiteboard is one of the main tools of the CSCL. This paper realizes an intelligent whiteboard system based on sketch recognition. The system is build on multitier distributed architecture, which can support the users to communicate with each other by sketching and chatting on pen based HCI. It can recognize the gestures to help users(More)
For the difficulties of the high dimensions and the complex environment in the video surveillance, a face detection method based on Locality Preserving Projections (LPP) incorporated with Adaboost is proposed. The LPP based features are extracted to reveal the local manifold structure of the faces using linear method. Then, the weak classifiers are(More)
Learning Chinese calligraphy is a hard task, especially for beginners. Traditional methods of learning calligraphy usually bases on teaching face-to-face or teaching hand-by-hand. In order to let users learn how calligraphic character is written step-by-step and enjoy the art of calligraphy, we present an approach to animate its writing process by(More)
Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) tractography is a unique way to reconstruct the neural fiber tracts from in vivo data and thereby quantify the microstructures of cerebral white matter. Most visualization methods display fibers using thin tubes or threads without illumination, which has obscurely spatial perception. We propose a novel rendering approach based(More)
Panoramic stitching of multiple high-resolution remote sensing images still faces the accuracy and the speed difficulties. This paper proposed an automatic panoramic stitching algorithm to register multiple omni-directional remote sensing images, which utilizes Location Sensitive Hashing (LSH) to accelerate the rough feature matching, and combines the(More)