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The Betic Cordillera is a topographic manifestation of Miocene to recent collision between the African and the European plates. Mountain ranges in the Internal Zone of the Betic Cordillera are exhumed massifs of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, and are surrounded by low-lying sedimentary basins. The Neogene history of mountain range uplift and basin(More)
The term ‘‘incision wave’’ was coined in the 1990s to describe wave-like patterns of stream incision propagating through numerically modeled bedrock-channel river systems. An incision wave consists of a crest where available stream power is greatest, and where vertical incision is most rapid. The crest is flanked by limbs where there is less available(More)
Winter wheat is one kind of important crop in China. It’s planting area is one key element to explain yield change. To obtain winter wheat planting area as soon as possible can provide scientific reference for our country’s making related policy. Basing on the cropping system in Shandong province, winter wheat is divided into two kinds “winter wheat sowed(More)
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