Zhenkun Zhou

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Applying modular logic to service design is crucial to service innovation; however, both under-modularity and over-modularity results in strategic mistakes, in particular to the IT service offering companies. This paper firstly identifies four dimensions of the conceptual modular IT service platform for designing and providing service to the customers. And(More)
This paper aims to identify the servitization strategies in the PC industry in China, and to propose suggestions to the industry and government policy makers. Two servitization strategy options are identified, which are service-centric and product-centric strategies. Its strategic priority, capability requirement and organizational feature are summarized by(More)
We describe a user interface and interaction technique, named ‘Javelin’, designed for large display environments. It provides quick access to random screen regions and manipulation methods for screen widgets which are difficult or impossible to reach. It consists of a dynamic global thumbnail, a touchpad widget that drives the screen cursor, and a teleport(More)
Balancing customization and standardization in knowledge intensive business services is the dilemma issue of the success trade-off between efficiency and cost. This paper develops modular service platform architecture for KIBS firms who are thinking simultaneously various kinds of dynamic relationships containing niche market strategies, platform-centric(More)
It is convenient for people to take notes directly on book pages while reading. But for public books, such as those borrowed from library, direct marking is inappropriate and forbidden. To solve this problem, we propose D-Note, a new computer-aided digital note taking system. D-note registers and distinguishes book page according to its visual features. It(More)