Zhenkun Zhang

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We evaluated the incidence, age, gender, and anatomical distribution of gastric cancers in 65,284 cases of upper GI endoscopies. A total of 5253 gastric cancer cases were identified. Cancers of the cardia, fundus, body and antrum account for 33.6%, 2.7%, 23.6% and 34.0% of all cases, respectively. The mean age for gastric cancers was 56.9+/-10.2 years and(More)
The known grafting procedures of colloidal silica particles with poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) lead to grafting layers that detach from the silica surface and dissolve in water within a few days. We present a new grafting procedure of PEG onto silica with a significant improvement of the stability of the grafting layers in aqueous solvents. Moreover, the(More)
There is increasing interest in the use of viruses as model systems for fundamental research and as templates for nanomaterials. In this work, the rodlike fd virus was subjected to chemical modifications targeting different solvent-exposed functional groups in order to tune its surface properties, especially reversing the surface charge from negative to(More)
Matching extendability is significant in graph theory and its applications. The basic notion in this direction is n-extendability introduced by Plummer in 1980. Motivated by the different natures of bipartite matchings and non-bipartite matchings, this paper investigates bipartite-matching extendable (BM-extendable) graphs. A graph G is said to be(More)
BACKGROUND Osteonecrosis of the femoral head (ONFH) is a progressive disease, which mainly affects young adults and often necessitates total hip arthroplasty (THA), so early interventions are critical to successfully protect hip joint from THA. In this review, our purpose was to determine the effects of anticoagulants for preventing and treating the primary(More)
An X-ray flexure-based microgap rheometer (X-FMR) has been designed for combining rheology and in situ small-angle X-ray scattering from the vorticity plane. The gap distance can be varied continuously from 500 μm down to several μm, which provides the unique possibility to generate a strong confinement for many complex fluids. A singular advantage of this(More)