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Matching extendability is significant in graph theory and its applications. The basic notion in this direction is n-extendability introduced by Plummer in 1980. Motivated by the different natures of bipartite matchings and non-bipartite matchings, this paper investigates bipartite-matching extendable (BM-extendable) graphs. A graph G is said to be(More)
An X-ray flexure-based microgap rheometer (X-FMR) has been designed for combining rheology and in situ small-angle X-ray scattering from the vorticity plane. The gap distance can be varied continuously from 500 μm down to several μm, which provides the unique possibility to generate a strong confinement for many complex fluids. A singular advantage of this(More)
The rodlike M13 viruses with chemically decorated phenylboronic acid moieties form pH responsive chiral nematic liquid crystal (LC) phases. Binding with biologically important diols results in LC phases with microstructures that closely correlate with the molecular structure of the diols and can be conveniently discerned by visual cues.
A control system of multiparameter data acquisition is introduced. It explains software program direction and realization method about control of wattmeter, process, display and store of the collecting data. The practical application has shown that this system has a good effect. It takes HIOKI3334 on the inspection of energy efficiency for example to(More)
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