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The neuroanatomical morphology of the optic nerve is an important description for understanding different aspects like topological distribution of nerves. Manual identification and morphometry has been usually considered as tedious, time consuming, and susceptible to error. A method that automates the identification and analysis of axons from electron(More)
OTSU method is considered to be the best algorithm for image segmentation of threshold selection. It's very simple and it's regardless of image brightness and contrast effects. Therefore it has been widely used in digital image processing. However, in the actual image, because of the influence of noise etc., traditional OTSU algorithm cannot be obtained an(More)
A second order Mumford-Shah model is proposed for image denoising. Unlike the original Mumford-Shah model, the proposed new model uses second order derivatives defined in bounded Hessian space as its regulariser. This model is capable of eliminating the undesirable staircase effect associated with the original Mumford-Shah model with a total variation(More)
A suture simulation system is developed. Using a Phantom desktop haptic device, user can insert a virtual needle into a deformable object and pull a virtual suture attached to the needle through the object. The object can deform under the interaction of both the needle and the suture. The suture uses rigid link model and FTL(Follow the Leader) deformation(More)
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) has found its application in face recognition successfully. The goals are to estimate the components from raw image data. These components are then used to extract features of face images on which face classification is conducted. The components play key role in face recognition system. However these separated components(More)
Grid environment is dynamic and open, therefore the reputation of entities in grid is becoming the focus of people's attention. Although, recently the study on the grid computing is resultful, the researches of reputation field are still not perfect, especially in the field of computational economy for grid. This paper presents a reputation calculation(More)
Grid computing is a hot research direction in computer field. Resource management is an important part of this research. In Grid environment, satisfactory services for discovering resources and allocating appropriate resources can be provided to the Grid users though the agents. Agent based resource management with alternate solution (ABRMAS) has been(More)
The classical TV (Total Variation) model has been applied to gray texture image denoising and inpainting previously based on the non local operators, but such model can not be directly used to color texture image inpainting due to coupling of different image layers in color images. In order to solve the inpainting problem for color texture images(More)
Images can be decomposed into structural component and textural component with the variational OSV (Osher-Sole-Vese) model for image decomposition, but the minimization problem must be realized through solving some 4<sup>th</sup> order partial differential equations (PDE) by means of complex finite difference scheme for Laplacian of curvature which leads to(More)