Zhenkuan Pan

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The neuroanatomical morphology of the optic nerve is an important description for understanding different aspects like topological distribution of nerves. Manual identification and morphometry has been usually considered as tedious, time consuming, and susceptible to error. A method that automates the identification and analysis of axons from electron(More)
—In this paper, we present a novel variational framework for multiphase synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image segmentation based on the fuzzy region competition method. A new energy functional is proposed to integrate the Gamma model and the edge detector based on the ratio of exponentially weighted averages (ROEWA) operator within the optimization process.(More)
Second order total variation (SOTV) models have advantages for image reconstruction over their first order counterparts including their ability to remove the staircase artefact in the reconstructed image, but they tend to blur the reconstructed image. To overcome this drawback, we introduce a new Tensor Weighted Second Order (TWSO) model for image(More)
Texture segmentation is a very important subject in the fields of computer vision. In order to segment the textures, active contour model based on nonlocal means method and tikhonov regularization is proposed. In detail, a new nonlocal tikhonov regularization smoothness term is added. The nonlocal operator is based on the image slice similarity. So better(More)