Zhenjun Zhang

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Despite the extensive investigation on the structure of natural biological materials, insufficient attention has been paid to the structural imperfections by which the mechanical properties of synthetic materials are dominated. In this study, the structure of bivalve Saxidomus purpuratus shell has been systematically characterized quantitatively on multiple(More)
Spoofing is becoming a serious threat to various Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) applications, especially for those that require high reliability and security such as power grid synchronization and applications related to first responders and aviation safety. Most current works on anti-spoofing focus on spoofing detection from the individual(More)
It is commonly proposed that the fatigue strength can be enhanced by increasing the tensile strength, but this conclusion needs to be reconsidered according to our study. Here a recrystallized α-Cu-15at.%Al alloy with moderate grain size of 0.62 μm was fabricated by cold rolling and annealing, and this alloy achieved exceptional high fatigue strength of 280(More)
As a new choice for the treatment of degenerative lumbar disease, artificial lumbar disc replacement has been widely used in clinical surgery. The finite element is a very effective method to predict and simulate the surgery effect. The purpose of this paper is to review the applications of finite element in artificial lumbar disc replacement, such as(More)
During the process of peripheral nerve regeneration, a single neuron can regenerate and maintain more than one collateral in a regenerative distal stump. Furthermore, some of the new shoots can mature gradually through remyelination and grow into the remote target organ to play a physiological function. Our study found that when neonatal nerve fibers are(More)
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