Zhenjie Zhao

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In this paper, a new background modeling method called stacked multilayer self-organizing map background model (SMSOM-BM) is proposed, which presents several merits such as strong representative ability for complex scenarios, easy to use, and so on. In order to enhance the representative ability of the background model and make the parameters learned(More)
3D models have been playing an important role in product design and manufacturing process in modern enterprises. MBD (Model-based Definition) technology enables 3D models to include various manufacturing information, which results in eliminating 2D engineering drawings. Full Tree-dimensional technology must be the developing trend of future enterprises. At(More)
At present, researches on design rationale focus on the model representation and retrieval, which lack deeply mining in the design rationale model and cannot support innovative design. This paper proposes a decision-making context model and a graph mining based method to mine the model. This method could get large amount of tacit design rules, design(More)
When human partners attend to peripheral computing devices while interacting with conversational robots, the inability of the robots to determine the actual engagement level of the human partners after gaze shift may cause communication breakdown. In this paper, we propose a real-time perception model for robots to estimate human partners' engagement(More)
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