Zhenjiang Miao

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Multiperson activity recognition in videos is a challenging task, due to the complexity of interactions among multiple persons. In this paper, a new statistical model, named coupled observation decomposed hidden Markov model (CODHMM), is presented to model multiperson activities in videos. A human activity that involves multiple persons is analyzed in two(More)
Anomaly detection in crowd scene is very important because of more concern with people safety in public place. This paper presents an approach to automatically detect abnormal behavior in crowd scene. For this purpose, instead of tracking every person, KLT corners are extracted as feature points to represent moving objects and tracked by optical flow(More)
Low-resolution face recognition (LR FR) aims to recognize faces from small size or poor quality images with varying pose, illumination, expression, etc. It has received much attention with increasing demands for long distance surveillance applications, and extensive efforts have been made on LR FR research in recent years. However, many issues in LR FR are(More)
Background Subtraction methods are wildly used to detect moving object from static cameras. It has many applications such as traffic monitoring, human motion capture and recognition, and video surveillance. It is hard to propose a background model which works well under all different situations. Actually, there is no need to propose a pervasive model; it is(More)