Zhenhui Li

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Periodicity is one of the most frequently occurring phenomena for moving objects. Animals usually have periodic movement behaviors, such as daily foraging behaviors or yearly migration behaviors. Such periodic behaviors are the keys to understand animal movement and they also reflect the seasonal, climate, or environmental changes of the ecosystem. However,(More)
1 Proof of Theorem 1 Theorem 1. Let Y ∈ R n×m be a matrix where each column is an eigenvector of eigen-problem Ly = λDy. If there exists a matrix A ∈ R d×m and p where p ∈ {0, 1} d , p T 1 = m such that X T diag(p)A = Y, then each column of A is an eigenvector of eigen-problem diag(p)XLX T diag(p)a = λdiag(p)XDX T diag(p)a with the same eigenvalue λ. Proof.(More)
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