Zhenhua Song

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Epigenetic regulation of gene expression is critical for oogenesis in mammals. In this study, a simple and efficient method was used to obtain the oocytes from cultured fetal mouse ovaries of 12.5dpc. The methylation pattern of these oocytes was examined. The results showed that the establishment of imprinting of Igf2r and Peg3 in oocytes derived from(More)
Potassium uptake and transport is facilitated by KT/HAK/KUP transporters. In this study, we identified 16 putative K+-uptake transporter genes in peach (Prunus persica). To investigate the role of PpeKUP in maintaing K+ uptake, transport, and homeostasis, we applied abiotic stresses to peach seedlings and analysed physiological reactions and transcriptional(More)
ApKUPs are typical high-affinity potassium (K+) transporters of Alternanthera philoxeroides which are involved in its response to K+ starvation and abiotic stresses. In this study, the overexpression of ApKUP3 gene in rice resulted in enhanced K+ nutrition and drought tolerance of transgenic plants. Compared with wild-type (WT) plants, the transgenic plants(More)
Sugars are important molecules that function not only as primary metabolites, but also as nutrients and signal molecules in plants. The sugar transport protein genes family SWEET has been recently identified. The availability of the Dendrobium officinale and Phalaenopsis equestris genome sequences offered the opportunity to study the SWEET gene family in(More)
Iron is required for the Fe-S cluster assembly which occurs in chloroplasts, mitochondria, and cytosol and here we characterized 44 Fe-S cluster biosynthesis genes and investigated their expression profiles during different peach flowering stages. Quantitative real-time PCR analysis shows that the highest expression of most peach Fe-S cluster biosynthesis(More)
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