Zhenhua Qin

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Optical confinement in ZnO crystal was observed by O(+) implantation with different MeV energies and doses. Planar optical waveguides were formed in the as-implanted ZnO samples. The optical properties of the planar waveguide were investigated by the prism-coupling and the end-face coupling methods at the wavelength of 633 nm. The crystal lattice damage in(More)
Layered double hydroxides (LDHs) are currently attracting intense research interest for their various applications. Three LDH hollow nano-polyhedra are synthesized with zeolitic imidazolate framework-67 (ZIF-67) nanocrystals as the templates. The nanocages well inherit the rhombic dodecahedral shape of the ZIF-67 templates, and the shell is composed of(More)
An adaptive iterative learning control algorithm based on pulse neural network (PNN) is proposed for trajectory tracking of uncertain robot system. Sliding mode variable structure control is used to improve the robustness to disturbance and perturbation, and boundary layer is used to eliminate the chattering of sliding mode control. In the iterative domain,(More)
Batch experiments were carried out to investigate the performance of Oscillatoria tenuis to remove nitrogen, phosphorus and chemical oxygen demand (COD) from secondary effluents of municipal domestic wastewater. Meanwhile the potential of biogas production by collected O. tenuis co-digested with pig manure was also investigated. O. tenuis had a biomass(More)
Recently, the forecasting technologies for network traffic have played a significant role in network management, congestion control and network security. Forecasting algorithms have also been investigated for decades along with the development of Time Series Analysis (TSA). Chaotic Time Series Analysis (CTSA) may be used to model and forecast the time(More)
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