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Apoptosis plays critical role in diabetic cardiomyopathy and endoplasmic reticulum stress (ERS) is one of intrinsic apoptosis pathways. For previous studies have shown that endoplasmic reticulum become swell in diabetic myocardium and ERS was involved in diabetes mellitus and heart failure, this study aimed to demonstrate whether ERS was induced in(More)
As tools for personal storage, file synchronization and data sharing, cloud storage services such as Dropbox have quickly gained popularity. These services provide users with ubiquitous, reliable data storage that can be automatically synced across multiple devices, and also shared among a group of users. To minimize the network overhead, cloud storage(More)
Despite the increasing popularity, Internet video streaming to mobile devices is still challenging. In particular, there has been a format and resolution "gap" between Internet videos and mobile devices, so mobile users have high demand on video transcoding to facilitate their specific devices. However, as a computation-intensive work, video transcoding is(More)
In order to fuse two registered high spatial resolution panchromatic image and low spatial resolution multispectral image of the same scene, we proposed a new color transfer based fusion algorithm by using the non-separable wavelet frame transform (NWFT). Three bands are selected from the source multispectral image as the channels to be fused. A grayscale(More)
In Peer to Peer (P2P) systems, peers can join and leave the network whenever they want. Such " freedom " causes unpredictable network environment which leads to the most complex design challenge of a p2p protocol: how to make p2p service available under churn? What is more, where is the extreme of a system's resistibility to high churn? A careful evaluation(More)
Tagging systems are vulnerable to tag spam attacks. However, defending against tag spam has been challenging in practice, since adversaries can easily launch spam attacks in various ways and scales. To deeply understand users' tagging behaviors and explore more effective defense, this paper first conducts measurement experiments on public datasets of two(More)
During Internet streaming, a significant portion of the battery power is always consumed by the display panel on mobile devices. To reduce the display power consumption, backlight scaling, a scheme that intelligently dims the backlight has been proposed. To maintain perceived video appearance in backlight scaling, a compu-tationally intensive luminance(More)
Distinction between true protein interactions and crystal packing contacts is important for structural bioinformatics studies to respond to the need of accurate classification of the rapidly increasing protein structures. There are many unannotated crystal contacts and there also exist false annotations in this rapidly expanding volume of data. Previous(More)
Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization (EMO) approaches have been amply applied to find a representative set of Pareto-optimal solutions in the past decades. Although there are advantages of getting the range of each objective and the shape of the entire Pareto front for an adequate decision-making, the task of choosing a preferred set of Pareto-optimal(More)