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Efficient virtual machine (VM) management can dramatically reduce energy consumption in data centers. Existing VM management algorithms fall into two categories based on whether the VMs' resource demands are assumed to be static or dynamic. The former category fails to maximize the resource utilization as they cannot adapt to the dynamic nature of VMs'(More)
Hydraulic fracturing is a useful tool for enhancing rock mass permeability for shale gas development, enhanced geothermal systems, and geological carbon sequestration by the high-pressure injection of a fracturing fluid into tight reservoir rocks. Although significant advances have been made in hydraulic fracturing theory, experiments, and numerical(More)
Current large-scale computing services, such as online social networking and web searching, make the wired links in the data centers with an Ethernet infrastructure oversubscribed. Therefore, researchers consider to augment the data centers with wireless communication, called a hybrid data center network (HDCN), to improve the communication flexibility and(More)
In Hybrid networks, which synergistically mix together wired and wireless links to achieve flexible and reliable communication, it is particularly challenging to routing selfish tasks since each task wish to finish transmission as early as possible and its decision could have impacts on the others. In this paper, we investigate the problem to route a given(More)
The aim of this work was to study the removal of Cu (II) and U (VI) ions from aqueous solutions by encapsulating magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles into calcium alginate coated chitosan hydrochloride (CCM) hydrogel beads. ATR-FTIR and XRD analysis data indicated that the CCM composites were successfully prepared. SEM images and EDX spectra showed that Cu2+ and(More)
Hydraulic fracturing technology is usually used to stimulate tight gas reservoirs for increasing gas production. The stimulated volume depends in part on the pre-existing natural fractures in a reservoir. The mechanisms influencing the interaction between hydraulic fractures and natural fractures have to be well understood in order to achieve a successful(More)
Granite is a typical crystalline material, often used as a building material, but also a candidate host rock for the repository of high-level radioactive waste. The petrographic texture-including mineral constituents, grain shape, size, and distribution-controls the fracture initiation, propagation, and coalescence within granitic rocks. In this paper,(More)
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