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In mobile networks, distance variations caused by node mobility generate fluctuations in the channel gains. Such fluctuations can be treated as another type of fading besides multipath effects. In this paper, the interference statistics in mobile random networks are characterized by incorporating the distance variations of mobile nodes to the channel gain(More)
A severe MD was broken out at a farm in Shandong, China, despite FC126 vaccination of the chickens at 1-day-old. The mortality of the flocks reached up to 38.3%. The infected chickens were found to have MD pathological changes, including enlargement of spleens, livers and kidneys, and tumors occured on organs later. Samples were collected from the chickens(More)
—For communication between two neighboring nodes in wireless networks, the local delay, which is defined as the time it takes a node to successfully transmit a packet, is an important quantity. Previous research focuses on the local delay in static or infinitely mobile Poisson networks with ALOHA. In this paper, we extend the local delay results to Poisson(More)
—Superposition coding is a well-known capacity-achieving coding scheme for stochastically degraded broadcast channels. Although well-studied in theory, it is important to understand issues that arise when implementing this scheme in a practical setting. In this paper, we present a software-radio based design of a superposition coding system on the GNU Radio(More)
—In wireless networks, interference that is generated by undesired transmitters dominantly limits network performance. The correlation of node locations (in mobile or static networks) makes the interference temporally correlated. Such correlation affects network performance greatly, and hence needs to be quantified. In this paper, we quantify the temporal(More)
Newcastle disease virus (NDV) strains isolated from ostriches have been genotyped for the first time by partial sequencing of the F gene to determine the epidemiologic role that this species can play within ND outbreaks. Fifteen additional NDV strains, mostly isolated from chickens but also from pigeons and penguins, were also included in the study to(More)
This report summarizes our PHY layer implementation of a OFDM-based superposition coding system. In theory, multiuser techniques such as superposition coding (SPC) are known to improve throughput in wireless networks. However, in order to understand their practical limitations, it is imperative to actually implement and experiment with such techniques in a(More)
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