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Unstructured and structured P2P are two typical distributed models for P2P networking. The unstructured P2P uses flooding method, and has poor scalability and low efficiency, while the structured P2P uses DHT (Distributed Hash Table) method, and has low stability. This paper proposes a two-layer hybrid P2P network - HP2P, which combines flooding and DHT(More)
The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL) has emerged as the de facto standard for implementing business processes. At the same time, Model Driven Architecture (MDA) is being applied to the field of business process engineering by separating business logic from the underlying platform technology. However, due to the challenge of(More)
The service-oriented architecture (SOA) has attracted lots of attentions these days. However, SOA is essentially a design methodology that has existed for decades, and doesn't provide enough details about the development, reuse and integration of the services. The Business Process Execution Language for Web services (BPEL4WS) has offered a formal(More)