Zhenhua Deng

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Baligang is a Neolithic site on a northern tributary of the middle Yangtze and provides a long archaeobotanical sequence from the Seventh Millennium BC upto the First Millennium BC. It provides evidence for developments in rice and millet agriculture influenced by shifting cultural affiliation with the north (Yangshao and Longshan) and south (Qujialing and(More)
In this paper, two coupling permanent magnet synchronous motors system with nonlinear constraints is studied. First of all, the mathematical model of the system is established according to the engineering practices, in which the dynamic model of motor and the nonlinear coupling effect between two motors are considered. In order to keep the two motors(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore morphological classification of the Caldwell view of frontal sinuses in computer radiography (CR) for forensic identification and to construct a forensic identification system with digital X-ray films with assistance of identification indexes coding. METHODS Four hundred CR films of the Caldwell view of frontal sinus were selected(More)
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