Zhengyun Ran

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The paper introduces extended Kalman filter (EKF) to estimate state variables and stator resistance of induction motor and employs virtual noise to compensate for model error from system model linearity. As EKF can't estimate state variables accurately in case of unknown noise statistics, genetic algorithm is proposed to optimize EKF. Study shows that GA(More)
In order to improve the start performance of electrical vehicles, a new method used to track the initial rotor position is proposed. This method is based on the high-frequency (HF) voltage model and the software phase locked loop (PLL). After HF voltage signal is injected into motor, the initial rotor position signal is modulated by high-frequency carrier(More)
Human comfort of electrical vehicle and the acceleration model were analyzed in this paper, the multivariable CARIMA model of the permanent magnet synchronous motor drive system of EV was established, the parameters of model were identified by RLSM (recursive least squares method). The acceleration and its variety could influence passenger's comfort(More)
The paper first designs sliding mode indirect torque controller. Then, the system's stability is proved by using Lyapunov function. Based on the uncertain of parameters and disturbance's bounds, a kind of parameter neural networks and sliding mode controlling method is utilized to reduce chattering. A novel observer approach of rotor flux is proposed by(More)
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