Zhengyu Zhao

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has developed a new ionospheric sounding system for about seven years. The first system is used for ionospheric oblique backscattering detection and is called the Wuhan ionospheric oblique backscattering sounding system (WIOBSS). The WIOBSS is a portable monostatic backscatter ionosonde for ionospheric research and high-frequency (HF) channel management ,(More)
Automatic scaling ionogram can get the parameters of ionogram which are vital to ionosphere detecting. In this paper, a new method is proposed to scale F2 layer trace automatically from oblique ionogram based on morphological operator and inversion technique. This method is verified through the comparison of actual detecting data with statistical analysis.(More)
—In this letter, a new high-frequency (HF) skywave multistatic radar that is used for ionospheric sensing and aircraft detection is presented. With multiple receiving sites, this radar can detect the aircraft in much larger surveillance with high probability and can obtain the characteristics of many ionospheric paths simultaneously. In addition, this radar(More)