Zhengyang Wang

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the compressive sensing (CS) based ISAR imaging has exhibited high-resolution imaging quality when faced with limited spatial aperture. However, its performance is significantly dependent on the number of pulses and the noise level. In this paper, from the perspective of promoted sparsity constraint, a novel reconstruction model deducted from Meridian prior(More)
One emerging principle is that neuromodulators, such as neuropeptides, regulate multiple behaviors, particularly motivated behaviors, e.g., feeding and locomotion. However, how neuromodulators act on multiple neural networks to exert their actions remains poorly understood. These actions depend on the chemical form of the peptide, e.g., an alternation of L-(More)
Genome integrity is essential for normal cellular functions and cell survival. Its instability can cause genetic aberrations and is considered as a hallmark of most cancers. To investigate the carcinogenesis process induced by tobacco-specific carcinogen NNK, we studied the dynamic changes of two important protectors of genome integrity, p53 and MMR system,(More)
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