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Structural Basis of Human Helicase DDX21 in RNA Binding, Unwinding, and Antiviral Signal Activation
Abstract RNA helicase DDX21 plays vital roles in ribosomal RNA biogenesis, transcription, and the regulation of host innate immunity during virus infection. How DDX21 recognizes and unwinds RNA andExpand
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Crystal structure of Pelagibacterium halotolerans PE8: New insight into its substrate-binding pattern
Lysophospholipase_carboxylesterase (LPCE) has highly conserved homologs in many diverse species ranging from bacteria to humans, as well as substantial biological significance and potentialExpand
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[Construction of a prokaryotic expression vector of human tau multi-epitope peptide and immunogenicity of the expressed product].
OBJECTIVE To construct a prokaryotic expression vector of human tau multiepitope peptide for examining the immunogenicity of a TauP1/P2 DNA vaccine in mice using the expressed product. METHODS TheExpand
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Structural and Functional Insights Into CmGH1, a Novel GH39 Family β-Glucosidase From Deep-Sea Bacterium
Glucosidases play key roles in many diseases and are limiting enzymes during cellulose degradation, which is an important part of global carbon cycle. Here, we identified a novel β-glucosidase,Expand
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Crystal structure of human archease, a key cofactor of tRNA splicing ligase complex.
The human archease, hereafter named HArch, is identified as a key cofactor of the tRNA-splicing ligase complex, and a potential therapeutic target for treating nervous system injuries. However,Expand
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Purification and enzymatic characterization of the RNA ligase RTCB from Thermus thermophilus
To identify the key residues of Thermus thermophilus (T. thermophilus) RTCB in RNA ligation and DNA activation. The biochemical activities of RTCB from T. thermophilus were purified, characterized,Expand
Structural insights into the complex of trigger factor chaperone and ribosomal protein S7 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis, caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), has threaten human health for thousands years. The chaperone trigger factor (TF) of Mtb (mtbTF), a ribosome-associated molecule, playsExpand
Structure-guided protein engineering increases enzymatic activities of the SGNH family esterases
Background Esterases and lipases hydrolyze short-chain esters and long-chain triglycerides, respectively, and therefore play essential roles in the synthesis and decomposition of ester bonds in theExpand