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This paper introduces a kind of rescue vehicle with laminated multilayer platforms used in the case of fire on large area and many floors, as well as the virtual prototype of that vehicle established with Solidworks. The special effects of the flame, smoke and characters is handled with particle system in 3DS MAX to accomplish in the scene, in order to(More)
Taking the Megawatt Wind Turbine Gear Increaser as research object, the dynamics model was constructed by the software of SOLIDWORKS and ADAMS. STEP function was applied to simulate the driving rotation and load. Carried out FFT transform to the key components, and obtain the curves in time domain and frequency domain about meshing force. Compared with the(More)
Taking Visual Basic 6.0 as the development tool, design the fault diagnosis expert system of CNC machine, which is a kind of knowledge-based intelLigent computer appLications program, it is made up of the knowledge base, reasoning machine, dynamic facts Library, explain mechanism, knowledge acquisition mechanism and user interfaces etc.
This paper systematically study the calculative theory of of large-scale port crane's the temperature field and thermal stress, Use the finite element software ANSYS to mode and analyse the large-scale port crane under the temperature field and temperature stress. Carry out a detailed study to results of the analysis and determine the impact of temperature(More)
Considering center distance and gear facewidth, establishing the optimized objective function and constraint equation of properties, while optimizing the data by utilizing the Matlab optimization tool box, it is discovered that, through analysis of the outcomes compared with the original design data, the optimized objective value has reduced by 24.77%, and(More)
Application of empirical formulas and related documents,calculation of the wind farm installation vessel's environment loads. Establish the model of wind farm installation vessel by the usage of software ANSYS to the actual situation. We can applied the Calculated environmental loads and dynamic load which obtained in the most adverse conditions to the(More)