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In the latest draft video compression standard, HEVC, a new 8-tap MC interpolation filter is adopted. For this component, we propose an efficient VLSI design which is composed of a reconfigurable filter, an optimized pipeline engine organization, and a filter reuse scheme. This results in 30% area saving from a non-optimized design. The proposed(More)
Streptothricins (STs) are used commercially to treat bacterial and fungal diseases in agriculture. Mining of the sequenced microbial genomes uncovered two cryptic ST clusters from Streptomyces sp. C and Streptomyces sp. TP-A0356. The ST cluster from S. sp. TP-A0356 was verified by successful heterologous expression in Streptomyces coelicolor M145. Two new(More)
Streptomyces is studied intensively for its outstanding ability to produce bioactive secondary metabolites and for its complicated morphological differentiation process. A classical genetic manipulation system for Streptomyces has been developed and widely used in the community for a long time, using antibiotic resistance markers to select for(More)
NW-G01, produced by Streptomyces alboflavus 313, is a novel cyclic hexapeptide antibiotic with many potential applications, including antimicrobial activity and antitumor agents. This study developed a system for optimizing medium components in order to enhance NW-G01 production. In this study, Plackett-Burman design (PBD) was used to find the key(More)
NW-G01, a novel cyclic hexadepsipeptide antibiotic, was isolated by macroporous resin and silica gel column chromatography and HPLC from the fermentation broth of strain no. 313. The producing strain was identified as Streptomyces alboflavus on the basis of the morphological characteristics, physiological property and 16S rDNA gene sequence analysis. NW-G01(More)
NW-G01 is a novel cyclic hexapeptide antibiotic produced by Streptomyces alboflavus 313. Its relative structure was established by HR-ESI-MS, IR, 1D and 2D NMR techniques, the absolute structure was determined using a combination of single-crystal X-ray diffraction and Marfey's method finally. The antibiotic consists of L-valine, (3S)- and (3R)-piperazic(More)
Many novel microbial nature products were discovered from Actinobacteria by genome mining methods. However, only a few number of genome mining works were carried out in rare actinomycetes. An important reason precluding the genome mining efforts in rare actinomycetes is that most of them are recalcitrant to genetic manipulation. Herein, we chose the rare(More)
Streptothricins (STNs) are atypical aminoglycosides containing a rare carbamoylated D-gulosamine (D-GulN) moiety, and the antimicrobial activity of STNs has been exploited for crop protection. Herein, the biosynthetic pathway of the carbamoylated D-GulN moiety was delineated. An N-acetyl-D-galactosamine is first attached to the streptolidine lactam by the(More)
  • Xuming Luo, Jidong Cao, +5 authors Jun Liu
  • DNA research : an international journal for rapid…
  • 2017
Frogeye leaf spot, caused by Cercospora sojina Hara, is a common disease of soybean in most soybean-growing countries of the world. In this study, we report a high-quality genome sequence of C. sojina by Single Molecule Real-Time sequencing method. The 40.8-Mb genome encodes 11,655 predicated genes, and 8,474 genes are revealed by RNA sequencing. Cercospora(More)