Zhengxian Wei

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With the increasing amount of distributed computing systems applied in wide range of critical domains, the requirement of high reliability and high availability of distributed computing systems tend to more and more urgent, that the study of distributed fault-tolerant system become more significance. This paper provides a model of triple-modular redundancy(More)
Data integration is one of key issues about data exchange and information sharing in distributed computing environment. It is necessary to develop a data structure model which can be used to enhance the data integration for distributed systems. In this paper, we propose a data structure model by which the organization of levels and flexibility of the(More)
Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) have become a new hot research area. However, due to the work dynamics and harsh ocean environment, how to obtain an UWSN with the best systematic performance while deploying as few sensor nodes as possible and setting up self-adaptive networking is an urgent problem that needs to be solved. Consequently, sensor(More)
On the basis of software development of the Internetware, the questions are analyzed such as the behavior, flexibility and composition of the Internetware, framework and Internet ware. The basic principle of flexible composition of Internetware is described. The formal description framework of the mechanism of flexible composition of Internetware is(More)
With the rapid development of education information, Online lectures like MOOC system become very popular in today's higher education systems. The MOOC brings a revolution of higher education. It brings the concept of flipped classroom which reverses the traditional educational arrangement by delivering instructional content, often online, outside of the(More)
Through adding the trusted protocol, trusted control and management mechanism on existing network architectures, a protocol architecture for trusted underwater acoustic sensor networks is presented, and the constitutes and functions of each part are described. The implementation model of trusted underwater acoustic sensor networks protocol is built,(More)
Underwater wireless sensor networks (UWSNs) represent an area of increasing research interest, as data storage, discovery, and query of UWSNs are always challenging issues. In this paper, a data access based on a guide map (DAGM) method is proposed for UWSNs. In DAGM, the metadata describes the abstracts of data content and the storage location. The center(More)
Evolution characteristic is an importance property of internet ware, and internet ware architecture (IWA) is considered high-level abstraction of the interrelation between components on internet ware. The software functions and properties are embodied through semantic relation of IWA, and the transition of internet ware function and property is described by(More)
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