Zhengxia Wang

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This paper provided a new sufficient condition for the global asymptotic stability of cellular neural networks (CNNs) with time delays. An asymptotic stability of CNNs with time delays was considered by constructing a new suitable Lyapunov functional and some matrix inequality technique. A novel delay-independent stability criterion which considered the(More)
In this paper, we have made a comprehensive study about the key technologies including applying wireless sensor networks to the traffic monitoring network, its traffic flow forecast based on gray forecasting model and traffic congestion control. According to the features that wireless sensor networks have no space constraints, flexible distribution, mobile(More)
Constructing an intelligent traffic monitoring system firstly depends on automatic identification for vehicles. At present, automatic identification technology based on image and vehicle license plate is going to fall in the trap due to its low recognition rate and affection by adverse weather. Thus it is necessary to apply new technologies to solve this(More)
Gene regulation is an intrinsically noisy process, which is subject to intracellular and extracellular noise perturbations and environment fluctuations. In this paper, we consider the robust stability analysis problem of genetic regulatory networks with time-varying delays and stochastic perturbation. Different from other papers, the genetic regulate system(More)
In this paper, we have studied high-speed network congestion control problem from two levels of end system and communication subnet. First of all, a high-speed network congestion control model is presented based on HSTCP algorithm. From the aspect of control theory, we research AQM algorithm in communication subnet of high-speed network and give a design(More)
This paper studies global asymptotic stability of a general class of neural networks with time delays by utilizing Razumikhin theorem and the linear matrix inequality technique. Distinct difference from other analytical approaches lies in ldquolinearizationrdquo of the neural network model, by which the considered neural network model is transformed into a(More)
A major breakthrough of modern education technology is that it can take full advantage of Internet technology for teaching service. Because of its rich teaching resource and friendly interaction, network teaching has become more and more preferred mode of teaching aid at colleges and universities. In this paper, we firstly introduce the concept of(More)