Zhengwei Yang

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The efficacy of two active compounds, isolated from the fruit of Fructus cnidii, was determined against Dactylogyrus intermedius in goldfish (Carassius auratus). The chemical structure of the two compounds was identified by spectral analysis. Designated Compounds I and II, they were isolated by successive silica gel column chromatography and used, in(More)
There have been many techniques for curve shape representation and analysis, ranging from Fourier descriptors, to moments, to implicit polynomials, to differential geometry features, to time series models, to B-splines, etc. The B-splines stand as one of the most efficient curve (surface) representations and possess very attractive properties such as(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of feature point registration and scene recognition from images under weak perspective transformations which are well approximated by affine transformations and under possible occlusion and/or appearance of new objects. It presents a set of local absolute affine invariants derived from the convex hull of scattered(More)
ÐA framework for deriving a class of new global affine invariants for both object matching and positioning based on a novel concept of cross-weighted moments with fractional weights is presented. The fractional weight factor allows for a more flexible range to balance between the capability to discriminate between objects that differ only in small shape(More)
Multispectral satellite images have been utilized in the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) for crop cover classification and crop acreage estimation since the 1970's. Though ancillary data is utilized to enhance the classification accuracy, there are few applications that maximize the utilization of the feature information of the given(More)
Subgraph querying in a large data graph is interesting for different applications. A recent study shows that top-k diversified results are useful since the number of matching subgraphs can be very large. In this work, we study the problem of top-k diversified subgraph querying that asks for a set of up to k subgraphs isomorphic to a given query graph, and(More)
The present study used RNA interference (RNAi) to study how the expression of annexin A2 was affected by ubiquitin protein ligase E3A (UBE3A). In addition, the proliferation, apoptosis and invasiveness of BT-549 breast cancer cells was studied following knockdown of UBE3A. Three pairs of small interfering RNA (siRNA) fragments targeting UBE3A were designed(More)
In the course of a morphological investigation of age-related changes in the rat spinal cord, using nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (NADPH-d) histochemistry, we found abundant NADPH-d positive bodies, which were characteristically expressed in the aged lumbosacral spinal cord. Together with a normally stained fiber network and a few(More)
Abnormal expression of annexin A2 contributes to metastasis and infiltration of cancer cells. To elucidate the cause of abnormal expression of annexin A2, Western blotting, immunoproteomics and immunohistochemical staining were performed to analyze differentially ubiquitinated proteins between fresh breast cancer tissue and its adjacent normal breast tissue(More)