Zhenguang Liu

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Cubosomes have been explored as drug and antigen carriers in the past few years. A few reports have described that cubosomes can enhance the ability of immunostimulants to generate strong immune responses. Polysaccharide (PS), an immunostimulant, has been reported to be a promising adjuvant for vaccines. Herein, we incorporated PS into cubosomes to generate(More)
The aim of this study was to optimize the preparation conditions of salidroside liposome with high encapsulation efficiency (EE) and to study the immunological enhancement activity of salidroside liposome as porcine circovirus type 2 virus (PCV-2) vaccine adjuvant. Response surface methodology (RSM) was selected to optimize the conditions for the(More)
Crowdsourcing services have been proven efficient in collecting large amount of labeled data for supervised learning tasks. However, the low cost of crowd workers leads to unreliable labels, a new problem for learning a reliable classifier. Various methods have been proposed to infer the ground truth or learn from crowd data directly though, there is no(More)
Local community detection aims at finding a community structure starting from a seed which is a given vertex in a network without global information, such as online social networks that are too large and dynamic to ever be known fully. Nonetheless, the existing approaches to local community detection are usually sensitive to seeds, i.e., some seeds may lead(More)