Zhenguang Liu

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The aim of this study was to optimize the preparation conditions of salidroside liposome with high encapsulation efficiency (EE) and to study the immunological enhancement activity of salidroside liposome as porcine circovirus type 2 virus (PCV-2) vaccine adjuvant. Response surface methodology (RSM) was selected to optimize the conditions for the(More)
Blockchain holds promise for being the revolutionary technology, which has the potential to find applications in numerous fields such as digital money, clearing, gambling and product tracing. However, blockchain faces its own problems and challenges. One key problem is to automatically cluster the behavior patterns of all the blockchain nodes into(More)
Cubosomes have been explored as drug and antigen carriers in the past few years. A few reports have described that cubosomes can enhance the ability of immunostimulants to generate strong immune responses. Polysaccharide (PS), an immunostimulant, has been reported to be a promising adjuvant for vaccines. Herein, we incorporated PS into cubosomes to generate(More)
This study aimed to optimize the preparation conditions of pachyman (PHY)-loaded poly(d,l-lactic acid) (PLA) (PHYP) nanospheres by response surface methodology, explore their characteristics, and assess their effects on splenic lymphocytes. Double emulsion solvent evaporation was used to synthesize PHYP nanospheres, and the optimal preparation conditions(More)
The smart grid is emerging as an efficient paradigm for electric power generation, transmission, and consumption, based on optimized decision making and control that leverage the measurement data of sensors and meters in the grid. False data injection is a new type of power grid attacks aiming to tamper such important data. For the security and robustness(More)