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This paper presents a novel opinion mining research problem, which is called Contrastive Opinion Modeling (COM). Given any query topic and a set of text collections from multiple perspectives, the task of COM is to present the opinions of the individual perspectives on the topic, and furthermore to quantify their difference. This general problem subsumes(More)
This paper gives an overview of our work done for the TREC 2009 Entity track. We propose a hierarchical relevance retrieval model for entity ranking. In this model, three levels of relevance are examined which are document, passage and entity, respectively. The final ranking score is a linear combination of the relevance scores from the three levels.(More)
This paper gives an overview of our work for the TREC 2010 Entity track. The goal of the TREC Entity track is to study entity-related searches on Web data, which has not been sufficiently addressed in prior research. For both the Related Entity Finding (REF) task and the Entity List Completion (ELC) task in this track, we propose a unified probabilistic(More)
Product reviews have become an important resource for customers before they make purchase decisions. However, the abundance of reviews makes it difficult for customers to digest them and make informed choices. In our study, we aim to help customers who want to quickly capture the main idea of a lengthy product review before they read the details. In(More)