Zhengshun Sun

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This letter proposes a novel robust regression method called trimmed relevance vector regression (TRVR) that redefines the likelihood function as a trimmed likelihood function over a trimmed subset. A re-weighted strategy is introduced to find the robust trimmed subset that does not include outliers. Simultaneously, by maximizing the trimmed likelihood(More)
In this paper, the problems of modeling and control of the Web server were considered. By using a MIMO model and the wavelet based optimal experiment design methodology, we proposed a novel Web server control system. Our approach combined optimal input signal design, system identification and controller design together, it is a control-relevant(More)
A novel algorithm named NTDDE to compute the nonlinear tau-estimation based on the dynamic differential evolution strategy is proposed in this letter. We construct a new updating stage for this dynamic differential evolution strategy to generate a population with better performance than before. The experimental evidence has been gathered to show that the(More)
This paper deals with probabilistic model set validation. It is assumed that the dynamics of a multi-input multi-output (MIMO) plant is described by a model set with unstructured uncertainties, and identi4cation experiments are performed in closed loop. A necessary and su6cient condition has been derived for the consistency of the model set with both the(More)
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