Zhengshan Ju

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In order to improve the accuracy of monitoring land use changes, the Chaos Genetic Algorithm was proposed. The Chaos Genetic Algorithm has the capability of self-learning; hence through the input samples the global optimization clustering center was found. And then the clustering center was employed to classify the view figure of the remote sensing image.(More)
Land consolidation is the basis of making the land arrangement special plan, meanwhile, land consolidation sub area, ascertaining land consolidation item and setting land consolidation indices are mainly depended on land consolidation potentiality, so it is necessary to do this research. As the most important pattern of land consolidation, potential(More)
Land consolidation is an effective activity realizing the sustainable utilization of land use, and implementation monitoring of zone type land consolidation engineering. Funded by National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, an object oriented monitoring method is produced in this research. Object correlation images(OCIs) are used to(More)
Land consolidation is a tool for increasing the area of the arable land and improving the effectiveness of land cultivation. This paper presents a practical system for automatic road extraction in land consolidation to monitor the implementation of the project. The system integrates processing of color image data and information from digital spatial(More)
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