Zhengrong Shi

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The light intensity distribution inside organic solar cells is described by optical propagation matrix and the quantity of effective excitons is defined in this paper. The quantity of effective excitons describes the total intensity near the donor/acceptor interface, which can contribute to the generation of holes and electrons. The optimum structure then(More)
Airborne vehicle tracking system is receiving increasing attention because of its high mobility and large surveillance scope. However, tracking multiple vehicles simultaneously on airborne platform is a challenging problem, owing to uncertain vehicle motion and visible frame-to-frame jitter caused by camera vibration. To address these problems, a new(More)
Using electrode buffer layer is one of effective ways to enhance electric performances of organic solar cells. And LiF is the widest materials, which is used as a cathode buffer layer. In this paper, small molecule organic solar cells based on ZnPc and C<inf>60</inf> are fabricated. And the LiF cathode buffer layer is studied. The mechanisms and functions(More)
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