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Upconversion nanoparticles (UCN) that are excited in the near infrared (NIR) region were synthesized and modified to enable their application to biological systems for imaging. The UCN obtained are oleic acid capped and hence hydrophobic in nature. Since the particles were to be used for imaging cells, a surface modification to make them hydrophilic and(More)
In cognitive networks, cooperative spectrum sensing can increase detection performance significantly. In this paper, square-law combining technique is chosen as cooperative diversity scheme in energy detecting when the wireless environment is modeled as Nakagami channel. Moreover, we use double-threshold algorithm to reduce the effect caused by noise(More)
Self-supported patterns of oriented alignment of beta-FeOOH nanowires are fabricated through a simple solution reaction from the complex [Fe(phen)(3)](2+) at 60 degrees C. The alignment of nanowires with a diameter of 40 nm and length of 6 mum is relatively uniform. HRTEM studies show that the growing direction of beta-FeOOH nanowires is perpendicular to(More)
The facet-engineered surface and interface design for photocatalytic materials has been proven as a versatile approach to enhance their photocatalytic performance. This review article encompasses some recent advances in the facet engineering that has been performed to control the surface of mono-component semiconductor systems and to design the surface and(More)
Wireless network virtualization and information-centric networking (ICN) are two promising technologies for next generation wireless networks. Although some excellent works have focused on these two technologies, device-to-device (D2D) communications have not beeen investigated in information-centric virtualized cellular networks. Meanwhile, content caching(More)