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To better understand the genetic of rice agronomic traits, we selected two different rice germplasms in phenotypes, Xian80 and Suyunuo, to construct genetic population for QTL analysis. A total of 25 QTLs for six traits were found in a 175 F2 population. Major QTLs, qPH12,qLW12.2, qLL12 and qGW12.1, explaining 50.00%, 57.08%, 15.41% and 22.51% phenotypic(More)
pd1 , a genetic factor in a 69 kb region between RM11239 and RM11245 on rice chromosome 1, controls stamen number and palea development. Spikelets are important organs that store photosynthetic products in rice. Spikelet development directly affects grain yield and rice quality. Here, we report a palea defective (pd1) mutant identified from selfing(More)
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