Zhengping Fan

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The pinning control strategy, including specifically pinning scheme and randomly pinning scheme, is used to stabilize scale-free networks in this paper. A scale-free dynamical network model is first introduced and then, based on this model, a stability condition is derived in terms of a linear matrix inequality. Finally, a numerical simulation example is(More)
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This paper studies the effect of parameter mismatch on the impulsive synchronization of a class of coupled chaotic systems. A new definition for global quasisynchronization is introduced and used to analyze the synchronous behavior of coupled chaotic systems in the presence of parameter mismatch. Using the linear decomposition and comparison-system methods,(More)
Motivated by real-time solution to robotic issues, researchers have considered the general unified problem-formulation of linear programs (LP) and quadratic programs (QP) subject to equality, inequality and bound constraints simultaneously (Y. Zhang, 2002), (Y. Zhang, 2005). An LVI-based primal-dual neural network (LVI-PDNN) has been developed for such an(More)
A non-uniform pinning control strategy is suggested for stabilizing large-scale complex networks with scale-free property. A scale-free dynamical network model is first introduced. Then, based on this model, the pinning strategy for controlling scale-free complex networks is derived analytically. Finally, a numerical simulation example is provided to show(More)
Diaphragmatic electromyographic (EMGdi) signal is a weak biological signal, which contains some significant physiological information of our body respiration system and is susceptible to strong electrocardiography (ECG) signal interference. Based on wavelet transform and theory of information entropy, a new wavelet energy entropy threshold algorithm to(More)
Different from the Zhang function (i.e., a type of error function) defined in the authors' previous work, a new Zhang function is proposed, designed and exploited to construct new Zhang neural network (ZNN) models in this paper. Moreover, two discrete-time ZNN models are developed and investigated to solve the problem of time-varying linear equations(More)